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Welcome to JArKaos, the Interactive Odyssey a new concept in the multimedia world created by Jean Michel Jarre and ArKaos Inc.

Early 97, Jean Michel Jarre met Arkaos, a young Belgian company who develops visual software generated by music.They decided to unite their talents in creating a unique visual concept to be included in a regular audio CD with which you can play images and effects synchronised to music.

For the first time, instead of only listening to the music, you can react personally to it, in creating your own animated paintings, depending on what the music evokes to you, Your home computer keyboard will instantly become a new visual instrument: each key will generate images and effects which you can play live to any audio track of the CD.

JArKaos is accessible to all, whoever you are: rocket scientist, Mom and the kids, techno freak...

For this project, Jean Michel Jarre associated the talents of young graphic artists from SupInfoCom, a renowned school in Valenciennes, France specialised in computer graphics and animation.The students worked under his supervision during the last year on the theme of " Oxygen " to compile the Imagebank that you can now remix visually to the music.

More than a CD extra, a CD-ROM or a video.game, Jarkaos is a new step in interactive technology offering its users complete freedom to follow their own intincts and creativity.

Whether you are familiar or not with technology, you can certainly enjoy playing / exploring " Odyssey Through O2 " : Give the music a view ...