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A message from our concert reporter:

  Let me introduce myself...code name : JCDeep

Living for something strong called ArKaos Now on Tour with Jean-Michel Jarre. I'll be your eyewitness of the Oxygene Tour '97. I will try to keep you updated on every concert, delivering some of the best images of the show by using X<>Pose 1.1 (more info on my setup to can already check ArKaos website).

In many ways, this tour is a real technology showcase; Jean Michel's show is a playground filled with new exciting experiments... .If you are a technology freak <like me>, check these pages regularly, I will try to keep you informed on different cutting edge techniques used for this incredible show.

If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to drop me an email at

Exclusive photos from the tour:

May 9 The Globe
Stockholm, Sweden
May 11 Scandinavium
Gothenberg, Sweden
May 13 Messehalle
Leipzig, Germany
May 14 Deutschlandhalle
Berlin, Germany
May 16 Sportshalle
Hamburg, Germany
May 18 Schleyerhalle
Stuttgart, Germany
May 20 Hallenstadion
Zurich, Switzerland
May 22 Stadthalle
Vienna, Austria
May 23 Olympiahalle
Munich, Germany
May 24 Arena
Oberhausen, Germany
May 25 Festehalle
Frankfurt, Germany
May 27 Arena
Geneva, Switzerland
May 30 Ahoy
Rotterdam, Holland
May 31 Forest National
Brussels, Belgium
June 4 SECC
Glasgow, UK
June 5 NEC
Birmingham, UK
June 6 Nynex Arena
Manchester, UK
June 16 Hartwall Arena
Helsinki, Finland
June 21 Spodek Arena
Katowice, Poland
June 22 Sportshalle
Prague, Czech Republic
June 22 Sportshalle
Budapest, Hungary
June 26 Forum Arena
Milan, Italy

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